Home and garden edition

There's a new elk in town

So we finally got back home for some well deserved R&R. It didn’t last long though, I had just finished my spa day when Akiros rushed in to let us know some jackass was up on a soapbox by the fountain badmouthing us. So we went to go check it out. The boys got hot headed real quick and I had to step in and calm everyone down. The rablerouser was this drifter named Dmitri that was unhappy with the protection in the city. We offered him a chance to help improve by being on the construction committee but that didn’t seem to please him. Meanwhile, Thrash, acting as new spy master, found out all kinds of dirt on our new friend Dimitri. Next week, dispite our efforts, Dimitri was back at it again flinging shit at us. So I invited him to dine with me and talk. He did and haughtily told us that stronger powers from the Riverlands wanted to see Staghelm crumble. All along he was just sowing discention! The prick. Well, we placed him in holding for treason and trying to overthrow the government of our fair city. We informed the public and set the court date for the following morning.
Placing Handel on guard duty was sadly a mistake, he was so exhausted from the past days efforts of acting bodyguard to Dmitri, that he fell asleep and the prisoner escaped in the night.
The rest of the month was positive though, we finished up the second wall and several of our other important projects. And to help the common voice be heard, we created a community forum with a committee to help oversee while we are off protecting our lands.

Once that was in place and running smoothly, we headed south to tie up some loose ends. We managed to get the witch to open up and chat with us. Sweet old lady named Beldame, a herbalist by trade it would seem. Well, she’s not as young as she seemed, and needed some help getting supplies,  we agreed to a trade, herbs and mushrooms for her and in return, we would get potions and some magical items.
We then headed to Candlemer Lake to the tower. It was dusk when we finally got there. Graeme remembered to bring the collapsible boat so we climbed in and set sail. Not an easy thing to do with Thrash’s “new” elk. We got to the tower dispite several party members growing feeling of dread (or seasickness). Thrash burned down the local flora producing a sickening smog when it burned. We managed to get inside only to be confronted by a will o’wisp. Handle smashed it and the calmly strode forward and into a hole.
We threw down a rope but apparently he was engaged with some more evil weeds or some such nonsense. Thrash and I stayed up as lookout and Thrash noticed that a woman was upstairs crying. Meanwhile, the rest of the party finally finished weedwacking and wanted to prance around in the basement. We rolled our eyes and joined them.
We discovered a jail with a poor fisherman who was looking for his family, we told him to escape while he could and we would look for them. We turned the corner and we’re beset upon by another wisp and a malicious satyr. We defeated them and discovered the remains of the fisherman’s family. Poor sods. We then got back upstairs and discovered that the woman was but a shade. Unaware of us and seemingly trapped in her own little world. We checked the cabinets and found a nice dinner set that will go lovely next time we have company drop in.
The next floor was was more ghosts dancing to some eerie music. Graeme was surprised to feel an arrow strike him and we we looked around for the mysterious attacker. Having none of this shit, Graeme burned the whole floor up and toasted the evil pixie that had attacked him, Gregario nearly tripped on the other one and threw glitter on it so we could all see it. Handle smacked it and it fled.
We then turned to climb the stairs once more.


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