The Ughur Tribe's Village of Gloym

Xenophobic Villagers <3 Hazing Rituals

c4ca3712ad269eff9d5d419a5268c4d9.jpgThe village is obviously distrustful of outsiders, and the guards at the gate do not feel that the tribe needs our help. It turns out the village elder, Ganec Trom, sent for help, but the villagers feel that seeking outside aid will anger their goddess even further. Graeme informs the party that this is likely a local god unique to this tribe.

The village elder informs us that if we demand the rite of Ipsumnao, the village will accept us and our help. The party unanimously agrees that it’s ridiculous that someone sent to us for help but then won’t accept it without some sort of hazing ritual. Thus, Isolda and Graeme deny, and set up camp outside the village. The rest of the party undergoes the ritual, wherein they have to eat ice peppers. Everyone must eat one, but at least one party member must succeed in eating five of them. No one in our party makes it past the 4th pepper, but luckily our guide Trindon succeeds in eating the 5th.

Outside the village, Isolda and Graeme see six rough-looking and well-armed fellows approaching their camp. They mount up and ride away.


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