The Defeat of the Evil

Well, we had been hacking through cyclombies and came to a cursed water elemental. I tried to cut it off from its water source with a moonlit bridge, but it just moved around it. Oh well, it still gave Handel and Elean a place to stand while fighting it up close. (The rest of us stayed back) Handily defeating it, we opened the door expecting to find more rooms an puzzles but instead caught off guard by Vordakai! gasp

Handel rushed in before I could provide him with some protection but luckily Graeme knew better and ran off to the corner and popped a purple bubble up to create cover. I blessed those in range and ran after Handel. Elean slipped into the shadows. (I realized later, this would be the last I see of him, his disappearance still a mystery)
Just then, a tiny colorful blur streaked past me in a whir of feathers. A small halfling began singing, (decently catchy tune I might add) and we all felt a new resolve. I was just about to ask where this strange creature came from when human woman raced past us towards the evil necro-cyclops-lich (would have run me down if I hadn’t floated out of the way)

A great battle commenced; the lich took hold of Handel’s feeble mind and made him into a very angry puppet. The halfling bard saw the situation and tried to turn him back but Handel continued to attack us. I finally caught up and tried to free him with a protective spell but Vordakai’s grip was too great. Meanwhile, Graeme and Thrash rained hellish vengeance down on the lich while the woman was caught up trying to fend off both Vordakai and Handel.
Just when we were gaining an upper hand, and had surrounded Vordakai, he stepped into the void and disappeared.
We ran around trying to find him and rushed out of the room thinking he had fled. Suddenly, we heard a shout! The necrolich had reappeared! We rushed back in to see the woman and Thrash keeping Vordakai at bay. Thrash managed to slip past his defenses and finish off the ancient horror. Vordakai burst into flames and disintegrated to bones and ash. Thrash picked up the large ruby – like eye and then like a possessed man, tried to claw at his eyes, luckily he dropped the sphere before it took hold of his mind.
I picked it up with mage hand, and we discussed how to destroy it and break the curse. We ended up unable to break it but broke down the wall with the eye key hole. We also discovered that a handful of the Varnholdians were still alive (in jars)
Confident in our success, we rode back to the centaurs and informed them of Vordakai’s defeat. We then rode to Varnhold and freed the country folk.
We gave them our protection in rebuilding their quaint village under Heartswood loving guidance. With a new township under our belt and some new allies, we finally made it back home.


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