Into the Spriggans' Lair

Our heroes wander for hours through the empty town of Varnhold. They investigate the blacksmith/stables (dead horses! Crows galore!!) and a variety of other mostly empty buildings. In a house tucked into the side of the hill, they find a box and then later, in the tavern, they find a Spriggan with a death wound, holding a book, paralyzed. They take the book and leave the Spriggan alone. They explore the town temple, and find a bunch of kick-ass clerical spells. The gang then rested in the house where they found the box. After resting, they wind their way up to the keep on the top of the hill. Elean does some scouting by levitation, and then eventually flies up into the keep and sneaking down to open the gate for the others. He fails spectacularly to be sneaky, and the gang immediately gets into a big fight with a bunch of Spriggans in the courtyard. Fortunately, the gang is, by now, a well-oiled murder machine, and the Spriggans are pretty much all fucked up beyond recognition in minutes. Elean makes another astounding kill, eviscerating a Spriggan from hiding despite being blinded by an awesome pyrotechnics spell that Thrash cast.

Now the party ventures deeper into the keep.


toastmantom toastmantom

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