ISO Elven Ruins

...and long hikes in the woods

The next morning we set out for the elven ruins to the west. We take the most expedient route toward the settlement of Tatzylford, dispatch some wandering (flying) tatzylworms along the way, and rest for the night upon arriving at Tatzylford.

After Tatzylford, we make a quick stop at the dryad and satyr’s grove in the hopes of gathering some intel on the elven ruins and to get a little nookie. Alas, the fae know nothing of the elven ruins, and the party regretfully moves, but at least some of us got nookie.

After journeying to the west for a while we encountered a strange hole in the ground in the middle of a field of wild flowers. It looks as if a giant hand from the heavens has scooped out a bit of earth and carried it away. Handel climbs a tree and indicates, “large stone thing that way.”

“A tomb?” asks Thrash.

“Yeah, that,” replies Handel.

So, the party sets out in that direction, and we discover not a tomb, but what appears to be a long-abandoned castle of elven design.


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