Elina's amazing notes


Blinding flashes.
Singed troll flesh.
Earth elementals!
Grapnel hooks.

Cassandra: Great! now that you’ve defeated the horde, you should go to Fort Drellev cuz they’re weak now. The fort was taken over because Baron Drellev capitulated to the barbarians. He hasn’t even explored all of his lands — his first choice was to come in and build a fort and live in luxury. Small elite team should be sent in to infiltrate

Hey that’s us!

Elina: Are the people in the town being well taken care of?
C: Give the mercenaries what they want, or there will be trouble.
Thrash: Will an elk be noticed?
C: Kind of. They know who you are, but they’ve never seen or met you.
E: When should we go on recon?
Graeme: We should fix the bridge, and gate.

All: We should do this at a later date then! Soon!

Easiest march is just to go up to Wyrmsway to Tatsleford to check in with them and then from there probably just a straight shot over, we’re going to try and use the boat and basically go across the river here and here and try to enter the city, from the north. Because it is the quickest way to get there, and nobody really expects us from that side.

Benji: I’m going to keep these, and these. Who else? Istvan, yoink! Elina, do you want me to hang onto yours just in case?
Tom: Sure!
B: Um, okay! SO, I have all of the NPCs, well all of the pages. So if you need them, they’re here.
T: Um, okay, so, william had written that his next available date was August 20th, does that work for people?
Devin: Uh, you mean the day before Ms Victorias?
Guy: Probably.
D: That is what he means.
All: Yep! I’m good.
D: Which date?
T: August 20th.
M: I have a haircut, but I can make that work.
T: That works for everybody? What? Really? Holy crap! And then moving into September, uh, let’s see… the 11th is your birthday. Maybe the tenth though?
D: Who’s birthday?
B: My birthday!
Micah: I’ll be at the boathouse.
D: The tenth is going to be weird for me… my product is launching.. wait, no. Either the
T: Next is Sept 17th or 18th.
G: The 18th is Ms Victoria’s, dear.
B: Yeah.
T: Let’s look at the following weekend then.
G: We did happen to mark that it’s the California Ren Faire, but, we didn’t say we’re going to go.
T: It’s not just one weekend, it’s okay. There are a lot of them out here.
G: oooooh. It’s a theme weekend — I marked a couple of those.
B: And we can’t do the weekend after, because GaymerX
T: What about Sunday the 25th?
B/D: That might work!
G: That’s Folsom, I think. Let me check…. September 25th
B: How about the 24th then?
G: Uh… Okay! That is… Christian Walter’s birthday.
T: We might lose William because Folsom.
T: Okay, so, August 20th and September 24th.

T: Okay, if I’m done DMing, I’m going to drink wine now.


toastmantom toastmantom

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