Tag: Fey


  • Tiressia

    Tiressia and her consort [[Falchos]] implored you to destroy the dreaded Scythe Tree that threatened her arboreal home. You did so at great cost to the party, and the pair of fey rewarded you with a delightful evening and a promise to keep watch for …

  • Falchos

    Consort of [[:tiressia | Tiressia]]. A better lover than a fighter, clearly.

  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    Tyg-Titter-Tut and her companion [[Perlivash]] followed the party around committing small harmless pranks until [[:thrash-sliental | Thrash]] gave them a small gift, after which they revealed themselves and agreed to stop messing with the party.

  • Istria

    Worshipped by the Ughur people, Istria resides in her mountain home just south of Lake Silverstep. Upset over a perceived slight by her companion stromkarl, Byard, she created the wiitikowan, and bestial force that began ravaging the Ughur people.