The Ughur Tribe's Village of Gloym
Xenophobic Villagers <3 Hazing Rituals

c4ca3712ad269eff9d5d419a5268c4d9.jpgThe village is obviously distrustful of outsiders, and the guards at the gate do not feel that the tribe needs our help. It turns out the village elder, Ganec Trom, sent for help, but the villagers feel that seeking outside aid will anger their goddess even further. Graeme informs the party that this is likely a local god unique to this tribe.

The village elder informs us that if we demand the rite of Ipsumnao, the village will accept us and our help. The party unanimously agrees that it’s ridiculous that someone sent to us for help but then won’t accept it without some sort of hazing ritual. Thus, Isolda and Graeme deny, and set up camp outside the village. The rest of the party undergoes the ritual, wherein they have to eat ice peppers. Everyone must eat one, but at least one party member must succeed in eating five of them. No one in our party makes it past the 4th pepper, but luckily our guide Trindon succeeds in eating the 5th.

Outside the village, Isolda and Graeme see six rough-looking and well-armed fellows approaching their camp. They mount up and ride away.

Bloody Cleft
(it's an inappropriate vagina reference)

Snowy_Cliffside_by_Bawwomick.jpgAs we approach the Ughur tribe, we discover a bloody cleft in a cliffside. The cliff is about 15 feet high, and the cleft is 5 feet up, so it’s too high to inspect easily from the ground. Handel and Trindon climb up to the cleft, and they find a decimated camp where the cleft opens into a wider sheltered crevice. There is much blood, and Trindon notices some strange frothy substance mixed in with the blood. Just as Handel is about to take some of the evidence back down to the party to inspect… and that’s when the Moss Trolls attacked.

After an initially scary ambush, we handily dispatched the trolls, and then we cleaned out the crevice and used it as a defensible campsite. We determined that this used to be the campsite of Old Meg Maces. We found her remains scattered around the campsite, and whatever killed her wasn’t the trolls. Isolda and Graeme conferred with one another and determined that she was dismembered in a manner inconsistent with their attacks and feeding behaviors.

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky

So. We set out at first light to help the Ughur. We fought some sort of multi-legged water thing, an(other) owlbear, and some bears. There was a fucking blizzard and we almost froze to death. The end.


What is this thing?
fur, feather, and arrow

furquiver.jpegIn clearing a space for the new Shrine we dismantled a storage shed, and within it was an arrow wrapped in a wolverine pelt. The arrow was painted red and seven eagle feathers were wrapped up with it within the pelt. Graeme single-handedly identified all of these components, and then further deduced that it was some sort of rudimentary tribal messaging device.

We stumbled about town trying to find someone who might know something about this, and we eventually found Trindon Mosley, a wilderness wanderer and trader. Apparently Trindon delivered this to Akiros weeks ago, but nothing came of it. It was a message from the Ughur tribe. It apparently means that they seek aid, there is danger to be faced for a reward.

The Ughur tribe is a week’s ride to the southeast. There was much discussion about riding there. Trindon offered to guide us.

Before leaving, we confronted Akiros. He simply didn’t take the message seriously. When we suggested that he should tell us about these sorts of things, he snarkily informed us that in the future he would inform us every time some peasant or crazy person asks him to give us a message.

Return to Staghelm

On the way back to Staghelm we were attacked by a crazy man and his cat. The old guy surprised us and got a lucky hit on Graeme, almost felling him with one hit. But we rallied, and handily dispatched the crazy hermit and his cat. They had some nice loot, including a hidden chest.

As we return to our beloved Staghelm, the season’s first snow begins to lazily drift down from the sky. We decide to settle into Staghelm for the winter months.

(We will do several months of Kindgom Building before our next session.)

Lizardfolk Village

Today we found a palisade on a small island in the middle of a segment of Bull Run we had yet to explore, and we called out to its occupants. Surprise lizardfolk! Their guard calls out to us in Draconic. Thankfully, Isolda and Graeme speak this strange tongue-twisting language. Graeme also recalled that it was lizardfolk that attacked Jubilee Darthmaul and his band of halfling explorers, and so we made awkward excuses and withdrew.

Later, we sent Elean to scout the palisade, figuring that according to the law of averages he was finally due for a successful scouting mission. He discovered that the palisade contains a lizardfolk settlement with seven huts and entire lizardfolk families, and we decided that we should give them a warning rather than commit village-o-cide.

Isolda and Graeme crafted a letter in Draconic: “Dearest lizardfolk settlement, we are envoys of the kingdom of Hartswood. We come in peace, but we also need to inform you that our goal is to civilize the lands hereabout. We would like to form an alliance with your community if you will conduct yourselves lawfully and refrain from engaging in banditry. Please send a diplomatic envoy to the town of Staghelm to the north to discuss this offer.”

Elean delivered the letter to the guard on duty, and we move on.

Oh, yeah. We’re Adventurers.

Upon our return to Staghelm we determine that we still need to explore the areas surrounding our capital city, and we head southwest.

We explore the area containing the Swamp Witch. We ring her bell. …er, um… the bell at her gate. She gruffly asks what the hell we want. We eloquently express ourselves (failed all our Diplomacy rolls). She tells us to fuck off, and we move on.

On to Candlemere, the haunted tower! Graeme and Handel are very eager for the adventure ahead of them. …but the party is lame and boring and decides they do not wish to explore Candlemere at this time. Graeme and Handel are totally okay with this. NO. REALLY. IT’S OKAY. WE’LL DO WHATEVER OUR GLORIOUS LEADER WANTS. REALLY. WE DON’T CARE. Even if it’s lame and there is probably amazing treasure and spells books and adventure in the tower that we’re walking away from.

On first watch at camp that night Elean spots a light drifting toward us, coming from Candlemere Tower. He wakes the party and investigates. Will-o-the-Wisp attack! We extinguish the will-o-the-wisp’s light. Forever. Handel points out, “This wouldn’t have happened out here if we had explored the tower.” But it’s okay. We can ignore adventure, like we’re commoners or something. Nobody is bitter about this at all.

New Day, New Challenges

We debate the best course of action to deal with Elean’s possible lycanthrope, and Graeme informs the party that he has done some research on the topic overnight. If Elean has truly contracted the disease, we simply do not have the resources to deal with it, and it will be much harder to cure if we do not catch it in the first three days of infection.

After discussing many courses of action we eventually decide the best course of action is to take Elean to the Temple of Abadar in Restov. Handel and Graeme take Elean to Restov where Graeme attempts to convince the temple to do their civic duty and heal Elean. Eventually, Graeme capitulates and pays the fee for healing.

The Werewolf Poo Hits the Fan

Elean spots the werewolf coming into the edge of town just as he’s zeroing in on a lone merchant returning to town via the main road at dusk. He sends a runner for his friends at the inn.

Then, Elean heroically fires an arrow, (harmlessly) nicking the wolf’s ear and taunting him. The werewolf’s attention is successfully turned toward Elean who suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the creature who uses a surprisingly fast lope to close the distance. Combat ensues, and Elean takes much damage. In the tussle, he’s bitten a few times.

When the runner reaches the inn, Graeme and Isolda rush out. Graeme summons an Air Elemental and sends it into the fray, and the battle continues. We are eventually victorious, but Elean is seriously wounded.

We summarily pass judgement upon the creature who is bleeding out on the ground, and we coup de gracie him. (We simply don’t have the facilities to imprison him.) We are greatly concerned (fairly certain) that Elean has contracted lycanthrope.

Mysterious Murders in Staghelm

A tavern wench never came home two nights ago. She was found ravaged and determined to be a wild animal. This was considered to be a random occurrence until a hepherd boy and part of his flock went missing last night, and his body found similarly ravaged this morning. Once established as a pattern, the townsfolk become worried and demand action.

Elean, our Spymaster, researched recent arrivals in town, and we discovered there was a suspicious character staying in the inn. You know, the inn, where we all live, but somehow didn’t notice this suspicious character previously. We search his room and find nothing suspicious except for books of poetry. Suspicious poetry.

Handel decides to disguise himself as a shepherd a mile or so outside of town. He doesn’t tell anyone what he’s doing. We have no idea where he’s gone. o_0

Isolda spends her time reassuring the populace and eventually ends up back at the inn.
Graeme goes into research mode, pouring through tomes in his room at the inn. Elean sets up a stakeout on the edge of town.


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