Graeme Koenigs

Standing at 6’ tall with coppery-red hair and pale grey eyes, Graeme cuts a striking figure in the latest fashions.


Graeme Koenigs
Male human wizard
LN Medium human
Birthday: Erastus 23


Standing at 6’ tall with coppery-red hair and pale grey eyes, Graeme cuts a striking figure. He’s never been partial to the full robes of the priestly initiates, feeling that they’re simply unflattering. Thankfully, as a student of the arcane arts he’s given greater leeway in wardrobe, and he uses the excuse of needing clothing that he can move freely in, but it’s pretty obvious he has a penchant for clothing with a bit of flare. Some of the other students call him a Popinjay and make fun of him for his vanity when they think he’s not listening, but he mostly ignores them. They’re just jealous, because he’s always outshone them.

Raised as a ward of the church of Abadar, Graeme has no idea who his parents may be, but since he never knew them there’s nothing really to miss. What’s the point in carrying on and making a scene over something you cannot change? At least, that’s the lesson he learned from the priests. They may be firm with their rules, but they had their reasons. After all, it’s every citizen’s duty to be the best they can be, to go forth and improve the world by upholding the law and spreading civilization to the wilds. How could he possibly be his best if he’s spending time mooning over the past and worrying about things he cannot change? And it’s not as if the priests were unnecessarily unkind or cruel. They lauded their charges with accolades when warranted just as naturally they meted out justice when rules were broken.

Graeme Koenigs

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