Where castle?

There castle.

Approaching the small elven keep, Elean attempts to scout the main archway leading into the courtyard and somehow triggers the portcullis. It falls, narrowly missing him. Isolda then levitates Elean to the top of the wall, and he informs the party that there appears to be a breach in the far wall, so we carefully skirt the outer wall to reach the fallen bit of wall on the castle’s backside. [innuendo] The party enters from the rear. [/innuendo]

As we begin to carefully enter and explore the courtyard, Handel is rudely attacked by a creature that moves so fast we only see it as blur. After being stabbed by the creature, Handel feels weaker and a bit sickly (CON drain). Graeme, Isolda, and Thrash attempt to parlay with what they’re relatively certain is a fae creature, but Handel has been angered by the creature’s attack and is uninterested in diplomacy. A fight ensues. There is a lot of running to and fro chasing the speedy little fae until he is finally dispatched by a readied magic missile from Graeme.

We approach to inspect the downed fae, discovering a magic short sword and a few other interesting baubles. In the course of our corpse searching, Elean is surprised by an attacking vine whipping out from the nearest tower. Before he even has time to react, he’s also attacked by another strange fae creature jumping off the tower. We eventually dispatch the creatures and explore the tower only to find a chest we cannot open. No, seriously. Graeme even attempted to Knock the chest, and it still didn’t open. (He rolled poorly.) We decide to leave it and come back later.

One of the other towers appears to only contain rubble, the 3rd contains only rats, but the last seems to have a newer door than the rest of the keep. After gaining entry and cleverly discovering an urn of full of treasure (by knocking it on the floor and spilling gold and gems everywhere) we quickly determine that this must’ve been the home of the Quickling we dispatched upon first entering the keep.

Last, but not least, we approached the building in the middle of the keep. The first floor seems oddly foggy. Elean, Thrash, and Handel enter. Things get weird. From outside the doorway, Isolda and Graeme sense impending doom, quickly confirmed when Elean attacks Handel. Assuming that his friends have been charmed by someone or something in the tower, Graeme summons an air elemental on the stairway which he commands to ascend and kill whatever it finds there. Isolda casts a calming spell on all of the inhabitants of the building’s first floor, and everyone continues to act strangely distrustful, but the violence ends. Shortly thereafter, Graeme rushes through the room, shakes his head and looks around wildly, but then continues on his course running up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Graeme finds his air elemental engaged in combat with…

…to be continued.


toastmantom RPGuy

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