What is this thing?

fur, feather, and arrow

furquiver.jpegIn clearing a space for the new Shrine we dismantled a storage shed, and within it was an arrow wrapped in a wolverine pelt. The arrow was painted red and seven eagle feathers were wrapped up with it within the pelt. Graeme single-handedly identified all of these components, and then further deduced that it was some sort of rudimentary tribal messaging device.

We stumbled about town trying to find someone who might know something about this, and we eventually found Trindon Mosley, a wilderness wanderer and trader. Apparently Trindon delivered this to Akiros weeks ago, but nothing came of it. It was a message from the Ughur tribe. It apparently means that they seek aid, there is danger to be faced for a reward.

The Ughur tribe is a week’s ride to the southeast. There was much discussion about riding there. Trindon offered to guide us.

Before leaving, we confronted Akiros. He simply didn’t take the message seriously. When we suggested that he should tell us about these sorts of things, he snarkily informed us that in the future he would inform us every time some peasant or crazy person asks him to give us a message.


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