The Mystery of the Empty Keep

Having vaporized the vaporous menace of the Wiitikowan, our intrepid heroes returned to Stagholm. They continued about their business, slightly anticlimactically after destroying a legendary monster. After some debate, they allowed Istvan and Marik to go back to Varnhold, and did some administration work around town. A few days later, Istvan and Marik come riding hard back into town, claiming that the people of Varnhold have disappeared!!

Our intrepid adventures saddle up and head out to Varnhold to try to solve the mystery. On the way, they’re trapped in the pass by a Bulette, who manages to vaporize Laurence with a well placed claw-claw-bite. Thrash is psychologically destroyed, but the party solders on to Varnhold, where they find the town mostly abandoned, except for a Dire Boar who pops out and totally gets fucked up all to hell by Handel and Elean, who are basically this team’s superstar players. Like, seriously, these guys are monsters of monsterslaying.

Anyway, our intrepid adventurers wander around town a bit more, stopping into the tannery and finding some tanned centaur hides, which is gross, because centaurs are sentient and nice. Marik and Istvan claim that Varnhold has been having some trouble with the local centaur tribe. Maybe they’d have less trouble if they didn’t skin and tan the hides of their enemies. Shit is gross.

Then our heroes wandered across the bridge, and we stopped game.


toastmantom RPGuy

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