Spriggen Lair Continued

and a butt-load of centaurs

So, no sooner had we wiped out the spriggens in the courtyard, Handel, (acting all power-hungry and hopped up on Thrash’s enlarge spell) charges the front door and immediately falls in a large trap hole. Luckily, he was still hopped up on previously stated spell so he climbs out and bumbles around trying to figure out how to get in.
Taking the initiative, and realizing we were being shot at from the roof, Isolda flew Handel up there to take them out. Graeme, unsure of the goliath’s ability to complete the mission by himself, decided to fly up and join him.
They had a grand adventure, as they told us after, and killed many, many spriggens with magic, and elementals, and smashing them dead.
Meanwhile, Elean was able to sneak up to the front door and fell into the pit, but also managed to not die, as well as get the front door open. ELean and thrash (with Isolda a safe distance behind) discovered……another door.
In true Thrash fashion, the small halfling decided that this was too many doors. And burned it to the ground, as an added bonus, several spriggens also caught on fire.

After the smoke cleared, literately, we all explored the remains of the keep and found an armory, a ruined library (in which Greame may have squealed and then cried over the destroyed books), a neat centaur bow, and a BAG OF HOLDING> which we let the halfling hold…….

We then debated over our next course of action. Isolda felt it wise to return to Restov to report the disappearance of the VArnholdians and get some much needed supplies, but was outvoted in the plan to search the eastern wilderness in hopes of finding the centaurs and possibly more answers. We finally did find them (with the help of Desna of course) and returned the lost bow to them. We spoke to their leader, Aecora Slivertire, but sadly she had no idea what had happened to our neighbors, BUT had a delightful quest that we could not turn down. It seems her daughter, Xamathe, had wandered into the valley of the dead, (sounds pleasant) and had not returned. Welp, off we go then.


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