Today we found a palisade on a small island in the middle of a segment of Bull Run we had yet to explore, and we called out to its occupants. Surprise lizardfolk! Their guard calls out to us in Draconic. Thankfully, Isolda and Graeme speak this strange tongue-twisting language. Graeme also recalled that it was lizardfolk that attacked Jubilee Darthmaul and his band of halfling explorers, and so we made awkward excuses and withdrew.

Later, we sent Elean to scout the palisade, figuring that according to the law of averages he was finally due for a successful scouting mission. He discovered that the palisade contains a lizardfolk settlement with seven huts and entire lizardfolk families, and we decided that we should give them a warning rather than commit village-o-cide.

Isolda and Graeme crafted a letter in Draconic: “Dearest lizardfolk settlement, we are envoys of the kingdom of Hartswood. We come in peace, but we also need to inform you that our goal is to civilize the lands hereabout. We would like to form an alliance with your community if you will conduct yourselves lawfully and refrain from engaging in banditry. Please send a diplomatic envoy to the town of Staghelm to the north to discuss this offer.”

Elean delivered the letter to the guard on duty, and we move on.


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