Fools Rush In

Fae Bower of Doooooom

uhuraii.jpgAt the top of the stubby tower Graeme finds a beautiful woman somehow both dancing alluringly and fighting with his air elemental. With a shake of his head, he shrugs off her strangely compelling beauty.

She turns and casts an Entangle spell, causing grass and vines to sprout across the entire floor of the chamber except for a small sliver of floor where she stands. Graeme is thoroughly entangled, but continues to hurl spells at her, only half of which seem to actually affect her. He mutters, “fucking fey spell resistance.”

As each of the party climbs the stairs and enters the room we slowly learn that most of the party’s sexual orientation is “opportunistic,” as each person except for Isolda enters the room only to find themselves staring, slack-jawed, at the beautiful dancing lady. Spells are ineffectually thrown back and forth for a while until she grows frustrated and crosses the room to grapple Graeme. She succeeds in grappling him and proceeds to drain copious amounts of blood by savaging Graeme’s neck. Fortunately, in doing so, she had to stop dancing, which allows Elean and Handel to soundly thrash her.

There was much kerfluffle, she moves back across the room, more blows are traded, and she’s eventually defeated. There was much treasure. Such wow.


toastmantom RPGuy

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