Fae-d to Black

We decide to take a little time to focus on civic projects, and Graeme starts working on some magical Bracers of Armor. He completes one pair and starts on a second when…

teddy-bear-omg.jpgIn the middle of the night we’re awoken by the town guard, because apparently a strange bear is attacking the wall, a bear that won’t die. We groggily, except for Isolda who seems quite excited by night adventuring, make our way to the city wall to look down upon the bear. Graeme Lightning Bolts it, and it runs toward the farms, so we leap over the wall with a Feather Fall and chase it down. We eventually kill it, and discover that it’s under the effect of some sort of fae possession.

After Isolda consults Desna, she decides to completely ignore her goddess and takes us on a wild goose chase into some empty plainsland near Stag’s Helm. We encounter a few other fae-possessed animals, but nothing significant. Attempting to track these animals to their origin is also fruitless. Altogether, it’s an excellent waste of a couple of days, so we return to town.

As Graeme completes his second set of magic bracers, our second scouting party fails to return at their appointed hour. Off we go again!

We encounter a scouting party from Nomen, or the remains of one. Merick and Istvahn have lost the rest of their party while hunting the Witikowan. After conversing with them for a moment, the air grows noticeably colder. It quickly becomes apparent that this is not a normal temperature shift, and the party prepares for battle, dismounting and finding defensible positions.

The Witikowan materializes from rising mist. Combat ensues. Graeme casts the force sphere, and the party attacks, eventually dispatching the strange creature after it discovers that it cannot escape via mistform. Hooray!


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