Cold Wet Stolenlands Summer

or : Which way did she go George which way did she go?

We entered the dungeon after fighting with giant zombies. At the end of the hall, we found a gold pile. Untapped, we investigated the pile and found the coins are ancient cyclopian gold pieces. Image of all seeing eye on one side and a fist on the other.

We entered a large room with a zombie giant hanging out of a wall it busted down. After Thrash got nearly destroyed, another zombie giant pushed out of an adjacent wall, also beating Thrash’s ass.

After a lot of healing and cleaving, we took out the second giant zombie

Further exploration revealed an outlet of a river. magic pinging revealed magic items under water and rock pinging revealed a monster under water. We throughly dispatched the monster’s head from its body and looted the waterbed. We found a magic message bird and a ruby ring that does (huh?)

The only way out of the the room was to swim. AND SWIM WE DID. We came through the other end of the submerged tunnel to discover another hallway with broken pottery, painted with Cyclops and Centaurs in conflict and some other Cyclopian life stuff. We took a giant pot and stuffed it into the bag.

We ventured further into the dungeon nearly drowned when someone who we wont mention triggered a waterfall trap. Troubles quickly multiplied when we were attacked by two zombies…. While drowning. Thanks to some quick thinking (and great fighting skills, and a lovely elemental), we were able to disable the door locking mechanism. We swam out and walked up a staircase where we flopped like fish.

Wet and pooped, we entered a large chamber which absolutely does not contain any sort of evil magics. Nope. Not all all. Def not a place where evil is worshiped. We thought this would be the perfect spot to pitch a tent and got some sorely needed rest.

We’re still looking for that centaur’s daughter, the chamber we’re in the trail has gone cold.


toastmantom devin_hartnett

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