Bored now. Let's explore!

leucrotta_1_color_Ryan_Rhodes.jpgWhile waiting for a response to our diplomatic message, we send Handel off with a party of workers and a cart to retrieve the heavy valuables from the Elven Keep. We also decide that the remainder of our merry band will explore some new territories within our charter.

Our first encounter is a Leucrota. It tries to ensnare us by mimicking a woman’s voice screaming for help, but thankfully its ploy fails. It’s a bizarre bony stag-badger thing, but we efficiently dispatch it.

hill_giant_chief.jpgMoving on, we hear some loud slurred speech coming from over a nearby short rise. It’s a language that we don’t recognize until Isolda casts her Comprehend Language spell. Long story short, there’s a (hill?) giant named Munguk who’s sad that he’s run out of moonshine. A crazy plan is hatched whereby Isolda attempts to communication with him via Ghost Sound, but this proves challenging, and she eventually simply stands on the rise and converses with him normally. Thankfully, he understands Common. Munguk is not only lacking moonshine, but also friends. Isolda offers to be his friend, and he informs her that he also needs a big lady friend. After an uncomfortable silence, the subject is changed, and we discover that he tried to befriend some trolls. They didn’t like him. We ascertain roughly where the trolls are located within our chartered lands for future reference. Eventually, Munguk follows us like a lost puppy, a very large lost puppy, as we continue to explore.

The next area we enter is a bit marshy. Upon encountering a strange clump of mushrooms and vegetation, we decide to investigate, but as we approach… OH MY GODS, WHAT IS THAT THING?!? It rears up on a viney snake-like body and roars through its scary dripping, thorn-lined maw. Elean attempts to circle the thing looking for a vulnerable area to strike, and he gets engulfed and partially digested for his troubles. Thankfully Murguk, our giant friend, is with us, because he decimates the thing with a particularly powerful greatclub strike.

After successfully exploring the chartered areas we set out to see, we decide to return to Staghelm. Elean rides ahead of us to warn the town about our new giant friend, and we determine that he would make a good mascot and ally for our burgeoning capitol city. Kept happy with a steady supply of moonshine, he will likely act as a good deterrent to marauders and invading armies.


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