Bloody Cleft

(it's an inappropriate vagina reference)

Snowy_Cliffside_by_Bawwomick.jpgAs we approach the Ughur tribe, we discover a bloody cleft in a cliffside. The cliff is about 15 feet high, and the cleft is 5 feet up, so it’s too high to inspect easily from the ground. Handel and Trindon climb up to the cleft, and they find a decimated camp where the cleft opens into a wider sheltered crevice. There is much blood, and Trindon notices some strange frothy substance mixed in with the blood. Just as Handel is about to take some of the evidence back down to the party to inspect… and that’s when the Moss Trolls attacked.

After an initially scary ambush, we handily dispatched the trolls, and then we cleaned out the crevice and used it as a defensible campsite. We determined that this used to be the campsite of Old Meg Maces. We found her remains scattered around the campsite, and whatever killed her wasn’t the trolls. Isolda and Graeme conferred with one another and determined that she was dismembered in a manner inconsistent with their attacks and feeding behaviors.


toastmantom RPGuy

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